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Minneapolis Minnesota Active Shooter Preparedness & Training Services

Active shooter situations in Minneapolis Minnesota are unpredictable and evolve quickly, without warning. An Active Shooter is a person or persons actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in confined and or largely populated areas. The critical time between when the shooter first pulls the trigger and when law enforcement arrives is where we focus the majority of our training. The action taken by citizens and bystanders under attack during these vital first minutes can determine, and in most cases, minimize the loss of life. Hedge Tactical Solutions prepares people both mentally and physically to deal with an Active Shooter situation in Minneapolis Minnesota.

Hedge Tactical Solutions will evaluate your Minneapolis, Minnesota facility and assist in developing and establishing basic plans to meet state, local, and federal requirements as well as FEMA guidelines. HTS will assist and get you ready to coordinate with your local emergency services personnel. But most importantly we help you plan for the unthinkable.

Active Shooter/Deadly Threat Minneapolis Minnesota:
Our Active Shooter program has been developed by seasoned law enforcement, emergency medical responders, firefighters, self-defense, and military professionals with over twenty years of experience in their fields.

Security System Consultations Minneapolis Minnesota:
Selecting the right security system can be an intimidating task. Hedge Tactical takes the frustration out of the process with steadfast security professionals who are determined to keep your domain safe.

Continued Safety Training and Education Minneapolis Minnesota:
HTS provides continued education processes. Whether revisiting to train in new staff, a refresher course or online courses to keep you up to date and aware. Employee Handbook Download and continual updates will be coming.

Personal Self Defense Minneapolis Minnesota:
Self-defense strategies in Minneapolis Minnesota are important in everyday life and begins with avoidance, awareness, and prevention. HTS offers personal defense courses for you to ensure if a situation presents itself, you will know the fast and key components to defend yourself.

Conceal and Carry Training Minneapolis Minnesota:
Our qualified instructors present a course that was designed to meet or exceed the requirements for Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Florida’s Permit to Carry, thus providing optimal reciprocity throughout participating states.

At Hedge Tactical, we are committed to saving lives and giving you the tools you need to survive emergency situations at any moment. Our Emergency Software System mobile app was designed with simplicity in mind, instantly informing first responders and your staff of distress. A one of a kind safety system personalized to your facility to help in any emergency situation.

Our Active Shooter Defense & Awareness Program is a simple common sense cost effective program created to directly address the threat posed by an active shooter in a school, church, public place or business.


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