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Personal Defense Courses

Personal Self Defense:
Self-defense strategies are important in everyday life and begins with avoidance, awareness, and prevention. HTS offers personal defense courses for you to ensure if a situation presents itself, you will know the fast and key components to defend yourself.

Conceal and Carry Training:
Our qualified instructors present a course that was designed to meet or exceed the requirements for Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Florida’s Permit to Carry, thus providing optimal reciprocity throughout participating states. Some of the topics during our comprehensive training include:

• Firearm terminology
• Proper handling and storage
• Firearm and holster selection for carry
• Permit to carry laws for WI, MN, and FL.
• Live fire training (firearm and ammunition included)

No matter your experience level, our skilled instructors leave students with the knowledge to safely operate and carry a firearm within accordance of state laws.

Hedge Tactical Solutions is dedicated to your safety, and the safety of those around you.

Doing nothing is not an option.

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