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Hedge Tactical Solutions was created to provide knowledge and develop skills for all walks and stages of life. We know that learning new skills can be intimidating, but believe this should be an enjoyable and rewarding process. All of our instructors are passionate about helping you gain confidence, knowledge and skills so you know what to do when Doing Nothing Is Not An Option.

Active Shooter/Deadly Threat:
Our Active Shooter program has been developed by seasoned law enforcement, emergency medical responders, firefighters, self-defense, and military professionals with over twenty years of experience in their fields. Hedge Tactical Solutions offers a four-hour in depth and hands on active shooter and deadly threat course for any size company or organization. Our hands-on delivery is unique in that we come to you and train in your environment. We are professionals training professionals.

Residential Security:
We offer security assessments for families and individuals at your home to improve your home security and well-being. This includes basic security, safety in the home, and self defense for an intruder. We have many instructors with backgrounds in personal security who are ready to answer any of your home security and safety concerns.

Law Enforcement: Force on Force Training
Our approach to training is centered on the principle of replicating real world conditions as opposed to simulating them. This concept can be applied in the simplest of training tasks to the most complex of scenarios. If needed, we can provide military and law enforcement trained OPFOR to allow your officers to focus on their job.

Law Enforcement: Equipment Rental
Equipment Rental – Our equipment, your trainers. We provide you with everything you need, including an armorer. We will meet you at your training site, with no clean up concerns, the possibilities for locations are endless.

Equipment Sales

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