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Dispelling Active Shooter Myths

Active Shooter

No one knows how they would react in an active shooter situation, and at Hedge Tactical Solutions, we hope you never have to find out.


We know that knowledge is a valuable safety tool, and it’s why we’re going to dispel some active shooter myths here. Being informed is a major step toward being prepared. An active shooter alert app such as our Alert-Com app should also be part of your preparation as it gives you vital information in a threat situation.


Here are the myths:

  • Shooters are mentally ill and have a profile that can be identified.
  • These acts aren’t premeditated.
  • There are no warning signs.
  • The guns they use are illegally obtained.
  • Violent video games provide motivation.


Here’s the truth:

  • Most shooters are not diagnosed as mentally ill, and there is no typical profile.
  • Planning and premeditation are common in a large percentage of shootings.
  • Some signs can provide an alert, including increased aggression and firearm behavior.
  • Most shooters legally purchase or possess their weapons.
  • Researchers have not found any link between violent games and aggressive behavior.


Now that you have a better idea of things you need to be aware of, we hope you will combine that knowledge with the information you can obtain from an active shooter alert app if the need ever arises.

The Alert-Com System Add-On Improves Your Current Security System

Alert-Com System AppWe hope your business has a security system and we hope it’s a good one. At Hedge Tactical Solutions, we see school and workplace safety as a top priority and understand the importance of a reliable system.


We also know there is always room for improvement. It’s the kind of upgrade that comes from having immediate access to up-to-date information. Our Alert-Com System solutions provide that for users. This app delivers the power of safety to your employees by linking your security system with users and first-responders.


When a threat develops, the first question most people ask is, “What’s going on?” Not knowing what’s happening is a significant risk factor in these situations and can lead to decisions that elevate the danger. Having quick and ready access to the facts is the way to drastically reduce the chances of injury and even death in extreme cases. People know the situation, and they know what to do. Alert-Com works with your safety systems to deliver that information.


The Alert-Com System solutions include instant reporting of the danger to users and first responders. Your staff, students, and others will know the level of threat and that help is coming. First responders have access to photo and video uploads to help them assess the situation and develop a plan before they even arrive at the site. Information is the power that leads to safety.

Is a Threat Reporting App a Good Fit for Your Business?

Threat Reporting AppIn today’s world, any location where individuals gather bears some level of risk for violence. While it isn’t a happy thought, it’s important to understand this as a fact, not a scare tactic. With the right threat reporting system at your fingertips, most risks can be mitigated before they become more serious situations.


Reporting from the Palm of Your Hand

Since time is of the essence in dangerous situations, it’s important to have an easily accessible threat reporting system that almost anyone can use in a moment’s notice. To make that happen, you need a device that people are willing to use and keep on them all the time. The natural conclusion is to invest in a smartphone application. Since research shows that 81% of individuals in the United States use smartphones daily, this means applications like ours are always on hand and easily accessible. Threat reporting apps include many advantages, such as:

  • Ease of Access to a Real-Time Threat Reporting System
  • Tap-to-Locate Mapping to Eliminate Variables or Highlight Safe Areas
  • Live Camera Feed Integration that Can Be Accessed By Authorities
  • Mass Texting Features to Keep Individuals or Employees Informed


Modern problems require modern solutions, and a smartphone app makes sense as a threat reporting system. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of using a reporting app like ours, let us know right away because doing nothing is not and never will be an option.

Implementing a Threat Assessment Plan in Public Buildings

Threat Assessment PlanAll public buildings and facilities face a certain level of risk associated with various threats. Threats can be either violent or nonviolent, and intentional or accidental. While the likelihood of a dangerous situation is relatively low for most establishments, that doesn’t mean owners or managers should dismiss the benefits of a threat assessment plan.


Identify, Determine, Develop

A threat assessment is often the first step in setting up a risk management program at a public building. There are many factors to consider when assessing the risk of a public building, including the ease of access to the building, as well as how many individuals are either visiting or working on the premises. A threat assessment typically follows a strict order of operations in order to:

  1. Identify the potential risks (whether violent or nonviolent).
  2. Determine the seriousness and likelihood of each recognized threat.
  3. Develop intervention plans that protect individuals within the building.


Ongoing Assessments

After threats are identified, and their risk level is calculated, it is up to the building owner or manager to ensure an intervention plan is developed and put in place. As part of your threat assessment plan, you might be encouraged by a risk advisor to upgrade or update the more vulnerable areas of your building. If you make any structural or security changes, you can then receive a re-evaluation of risks, which will likely help your building receive a better rating.