Threat Reporting System

Our sole objective is safety.

Doing nothing is not an option. Take advantage of this new threat reporting system from Hedge Tactical Solutions that works in a variety of settings.

Meet Active Alert

We believe in developing intuitive technology for superior protection all the time, with life-saving performance when seconds matter. Active Alert is a real-time threat reporting app for your business, school, and place of worship.

We use the latest technology to keep the people you care about safe. Incorporate this function into your facility crisis plan today.

Exciting Features

Real-Time Threat Reporting in the Palm of Your Hand

First Sign of Emergency Graphic

Tap-to-Locate Mapping Eliminates Variables to Pinpoint the Emergency or Threat

Real-Time Mapping Graphic

Live Feed Camera Integration Capabilities Stream-Lines Police Response

Live Feed Graphic

Mass Texting Feature Allows Crucial Information to Be Relayed in Seconds

Mass Text Message Graphic

Active Alert has a mass notification feature that allows Super-Admins to send out mass text messages to all facility members in seconds.

Important information can be quickly relayed in situations such as:

  • Active Threats - The shooter has fled the facility - Stay inside!
  • Medical Emergencies - Nurse has been sent to the medical alert!
  • Needs Assistance – Security is on the way.

To send a mass notification message, simply:

  1. Launch the Active Alert App
  2. Tap on the green text message icon to send a mass notification to internal staff for your facility
  3. When completed, hit 'send'


Contact us today for a threat reporting system that is designed to protect those most in need. We proudly serve customers from across the nation.