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Hedge Tactical Solutions provides practical and effective services that can keep you and your colleagues safe. With our wide array of active threat response training programs, self-defense courses, and laser-targeted consulting, we give businesses and organizations effective responses to today’s security threats. Our company serves clients across the United States.


Although it is never a comfortable prospect to think about what can happen in a time of crisis, it is even worse to confront it and not be prepared for it. With our assistance, you will gain the tools to respond to emergency situations clearly, rationally, and effectively. We are comprised of former law enforcement, security, and emergency response specialists. With our expertise and experience, you can feel at ease in knowing that you are learning and practicing skills that will work.


Today’s environment is rife with danger and uncertainty. Every emergency is different, as are the needs of your organization. Our company will work with you to design and implement strategies that are practical and actionable, allowing your security response plans to integrate seamlessly.


In addition to our training; we are technology leaders. Ask about our emergency response technology and equipment to discover how you can do your part in reducing the frequency and impact of security threats.


Ask us questions or leave us a message about our Active Alert App, products, and services. We want to hear from you.