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Alert-Com System Solutions for Immediate Notification

Nobody is entirely safe from danger. This is why it’s critical to make use of the technology we have to alert your people and the authorities. With these notifications, your facility can evacuate people or order a lockdown to provide protection. This is especially important in places where there are large gatherings-- schools, churches, offices, and government buildings.


Hedge Tactical Solutions has developed the Alert-Com system for immediate notification of dangerous situations. These are times when seconds make a difference in saving lives. For example, a teacher in a classroom can alert the police who can respond immediately and provide advice on safety measures.


Alert-Com Gives You Access

This incident reporting softwared is precisely what your business or organization needs. With Alert-Com, it’s quick and easy to notify law enforcement of danger quickly in real time. Alert-Com meets the criteria of those who support Alyssa’s Law. She was one of the students who perished during the Parkland school shooting in Florida. States are voting on this law, and the federal government is considering similar legislation.


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