Began in 2012 after the massively tragic Sandy Hook School shooting. This event was significant because it’s the reason our Founder – Kevin Grundstrom created Hedge Tactical Solutions.

Initially, his team worked to train organizations in tactical response. As active threat events continued increasing in frequency, these profound tragedies drove him and his team to seek a solution to help people survive these situations. They realized the need for a tool that closed the deadly gaps in communication during active threat events. No technology on the market had the capabilities they were seeking.

So Kevin decided it was time to demand a safer environment, and save lives when seconds matter. He went on to develop the Alert-Com Software, the new standard in emergency response.

Our Team of Security Experts

Kevin Grundstrom


Liz Ohlsen

Chief Operating Officer

Dave Kisch

Operational Safety Officer

Retired law enforcement 

Collin Mariano

Customer Care Strategist

Glen Hartman

Chief Safety Instructor

Retired Law Enforcement/ Emergency Medical Services 

Justin McKay

Safety Instructor

Combat Medic/Corrections Officer

Josh Detko

Safety Instructor

Army Combat Medic/ Correctional Officer/ Self Defense & Trauma Training Instructor

Ken Adams

Safety Instructor

Paramedic/Fire Fighter of Saint Paul 

Joseph Malhoit

Safety Instructor

Retired FBI/Security Consultant/Chaplin

Christopher Sloneker

Safety Instructor

Retired Law Enforcement