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Incident Reporting App

Give first responders the information they need during an emergency with this advanced incident reporting app. When you demand safety, Hedge Tactical Solutions has the answer: Panic Pad. Send an incident report immediately with just a touch of a pad.

Get on-site incident reporting for the 21st Century and the help you need in a matter of seconds. Your employees and students will feel safer, and the responders will be prepared for whatever they should expect on arrival. Put this product into your facility safety plan, along with security training.

Demand Safety. Get Panic Pad.

On-site, Wall mounted incident reporting for the 21st century.


Detailed Incident Reporting

With a single tap, Panic Pad will send an incident report to emergency operators faster than ever before.

Help can be on the way in a matter of seconds, knowing exactly what to expect upon arrival.

Easy to Install

Your new Panic Pad can be operational in just three simple steps. Most recent iPad models are quickly compatible with this product.

Fast and Simple

The emergency assistance app notifies the authorities with an incident report in just a few taps of the screen.

Direct to Operators

Supply a trained emergency operator with an incident report. Put the right information in the hands of someone ready to act.

Panic Pad

Your incident report goes directly to trained operators, ready to act.

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