Recognizing the Early Warning Signs for Violent Attack

Signs of AggressionHow often do you hear about violence in the workplace or schools? Too often is the answer.


No matter how distasteful this behavior is, we have to recognize that it’s become a part of our modern society, and we need to be prepared for it. There are a few ways that we can be ready to prevent or deal with incidents of this type. Active threat response training is one of the main and most effective ones. Comprehensive training helps you be as safe as possible during an incident and helps you ensure the safety of others.


Before a situation in the workplace escalates to violence, there are often some early warning signs you can watch for.


You are going to be aware of changes in behavior, especially ones that are frequent and intense disruptions to the workplace. A few of the warning signs can include:

  • Crying or Temper Tantrums
  • Disrespect for Authority
  • Swearing or Emotional Language
  • Poor Reaction to Criticism
  • Social Isolation
  • Holding Grudges
  • Lack of Personal Hygiene


Physical signs can range from pacing, trembling, and violent gestures to loud talking, glaring, and abusive language.


A further look at a profile that may indicate a propensity for violence will encompass threatening or intimidating behavior, increased stress, negative personality characteristics, and marked changes in mood.


When your organization undertakes active threat response training, it helps make you aware of potentially hazardous situations and how to respond properly should they occur.