OSHA Expectations for Company Training on Active Shooter Events


The threat of violence is real now more than ever. While we might not want to think about it, this threat can even follow someone into their workplace. According to the Bureau of Labor, an event involving an armed intruder in the workplace is 30 times more likely to occur than fire and 60 times more likely than a climactic event. Ensure your workplace is keeping safer by using alert-com system solutions and by following these OSHA expectations.


Company Training

Alert-Com System AppOSHA, as well as the court system, hold employers accountable for preparing their workforce for the event of any emergency, including an active shooter. Under the General Duty Clause, employers are also responsible for ensuring a safe work environment — this includes taking steps to deter workplace violence from occurring. Specifically, OSHA strongly suggests the use of an alert-com incident reporting app, as well as easily accessible escape paths available at all times. In addition, OSHA urges employees to:

  • Always Plan an Escape Path throughout Your Day
  • Evacuate the Area Regardless of if Others Agree to Follow
  • Abandon Excess Belongings
  • Assist Others Whenever Possible
  • Stop Others from Entering Areas threatened by the Shooter
  • Ensure Your Hands are always Visible
  • Follow Instructions from Police Officers
  • Do Not Attempt to Move any Wounded
  • Call 911 as Soon as You are Safe


Establish a Chain of Command

OSHA also recommends selecting a responsible individual, with proper certifications, to create, lead, and coordinate the company escape plan, which should include alert-com system solutions. All employees should know the identity of this person and understand that they alone hold the decision making responsibility during any emergency. This person will determine when an emergency situation is present and activate their plan accordingly, then oversee its completion, ensuring the safety of everyone.