Shorten Response times During a Campus Shooting with Mobile Security

Security Team at WorkIn today’s modernized society, there’s a lot more than campus security light towers needed to keep students safe. Colleges looking to enhance their disaster preparedness campus-wide can take a proactive approach to their needs with mobile security apps from Hedge Tactical Solutions. At our company, finding ways to preserve our users’ safety in a wide variety of scenarios are our highest priorities.

With live, real-time video feeds and a direct line to first responders, our mobile security apps are the first lines of defense for students throughout the country during campus shootings and other emergencies. Using our innovative mobile tool, being proactive during potential emergencies is simple, safe, and straightforward.

Keeping Those in an Emergency Informed

Our emergency phone app is designed intuitively to shorten response times during campus shootings or other life-threatening emergencies. No matter the severity of the situation, staying informed, and protecting yourself is easy with a comprehensive set of mapping, monitoring, and alert tools in your hands.

The mobile app features several helpful resources, including administrative control over alert closure, in-app user management, and a real-time threat alert system with touch-to-locate mapping. Our unique alert system helps keep everyone in the loop, so regardless of how the situation progresses, you’ll have an easily accessible line of defense at your fingertips.