Should Schools be Held Responsible for Threat Assessments

Threat AssessmentsSchools are places of learning that should also be places of safety. They hold the future of our society in the form of the young people who attend them and need to be as safe as possible. That presents the question of who should be responsible for making sure these facilities are secure.


Should schools be held responsible for threat assessments, or should they be entrusted to others? At Hedge Tactical Solutions, we know a lot about threat prevention, identification, and evaluation and want to discuss this concept here.


It’s not reasonable to hold school officials fully accountable for threat assessments. That’s not their area of expertise. Yes, they do have insight into the situation and the person making the threat, but they do not have training and experience that allows them to fully gauge the sincerity and seriousness of the danger.


There are many steps that administrators can take when their school is targeted with a threat. If they are trained in detection and threat prevention by a company such as ours at Hedge Tactical Solutions, they can take the appropriate actions in light of how they’ve assessed the situation. Training and planning go a long way toward ensuring safety.