The Elements of a Security Assessment

Security AssessmentA critical component of any facility management program should include security measures. For many businesses, it can be difficult to design such a program–let alone know where to start. By hiring a security contractor, businesses can gain helpful insights on how to meet their safety goals. It all begins with a security assessment.


A security assessment is an in-depth analysis and report detailing the security needs of your business. The assessment is designed to:


Identify the Risks That Affect Your Premises

Define the Measures You Must Take to Mitigate Risks

Assist in Resource Allocation to Meet Your Security Goals


The security assessment is your opportunity to learn about the dangers that may affect your facility, your employees, and your assets. There are several factors that can also influence the assessment, including:

  • The Nature of Your Business
  • The Disposition of Employees, Business Partners, and Clients
  • The Current Geopolitical Climate
  • The Types of Crime That Will Most Likely Affect You


It is important to have an experienced security contractor to conduct the assessment. These agencies have the resources and tools to help you meet your security goals. By having an assessment done by a professional, you will gain the data and insights you need to make informed and sensible decisions.