What is the Role of a Security Professional in an Emergency Situation?

Our Objective is SafetyBefore an emergency occurs at your business, agency, or government office, you want to have a plan in place. Planning is the key to defining roles, duties, and responsibilities in the event of a fire, accident, or shooting. When people are prepared for the worst, they can step up and act on their training during an emergency.

In this uncertain world, it is essential to prepare your security professionals with emergency action plan training. Training must plan for the unexpected and outline procedures to follow, as well as the roles you want security to play in the operation. Depending on the size of your business, security may handle the emergency with or without assistance from your employees.


Knowing What To Do Beforehand

You don’t want to wait until after an emergency occurs to put plans in place. Indeed, you can find training for your professionals that anticipates and prepares for the worst. Questions such as these must be answered:

  • Who notifies emergency officials?
  • What roles do security personnel play in an emergency?
  • Who is in charge of crowd control?
  • What about evacuation plans?


These days, businesses, schools, and governments find dangerous situations that can occur on their premises, whether it’s a bomb, fire, shooter, or something else. It’s best to have your security personnel know the answers to the questions in advance so they can act swiftly and confidently should such a situation occur.