What It Means to Be a Security Guard

Security GuardThe security guard is a central component of any facility’s safety program. With a team of guard personnel patrolling your grounds, visitors and employees are more likely to feel safe in their daily activities. However, what does it mean to be a security guard? In this post, we will discuss the qualifications and responsibilities that are part of this profession.


A security guard is a person that patrols and inspects property against on-site threats. These threats are wide-ranging and may include the risk of fire, theft, vandalism, terrorism, or illegal activity. Guards undergo commercial security training, which can include physical and psychological evaluations.


Security guards have many responsibilities, such as:

  • Protecting and Enforcing Laws on Their Employer’s Property
  • Monitoring Surveillance Systems
  • Control Access of Key Entryways or Facility Sectors
  • Conduct Security Checks and Patrol the Grounds
  • Writing and Filing Reports


Guards have to be alert while on the job, and they need to be vigilant about suspicious activity. They may be utilized in an emergency to assist law enforcement and first responders. Some guards may be armed.


Security guards may have different roles depending on their employer. For instance, a guard at a retail store may check the grounds for shoplifters and prevent theft. A guard on duty at a bank or office setting may serve as a concierge and the first point of contact for access control.


Being a security guard requires good physical and mental capabilities, the ability to read a situation, and respond as necessary. As such, commercial security training is paramount to ensure a professional security force.