What to Do If You Hear Someone Making Terroristic Threats

In today’s world, you can never be too serious about security threats. Ignoring them is a surefire way to allow an attack to occur. If you hear someone talking about a future attack – a bomb threat, or shooting, or if you hear someone talk about bringing a weapon to a specific place, you cannot ignore it. Here is what you should do if you suspect someone may be planning an attack:

Keep Calm

If you are near the person, do not let on that you heard them. If they are speaking directly to you, act nonchalant. Do your best not to respond fearfully, in case they suspect that you might turn them in.

Find Help

As soon as you can leave this person without raising suspicion, go to a person of authority. Contact the police and head of security at the facility and tell them exactly what you heard.

Important Reminder: If you report a threat and it is not serious, you will not face repercussions. If you hear anyone talking about performing an act of violence, it is better to be safe than sorry. If it turns out to be a false threat, the person who made the threat will be the person who faces the consequences.

Make Use of Your Emergency Alert App

Having an emergency alert app can make reporting and responding to threats that much easier. With Active Alert, you can send security alerts to everyone in your network, and summon first responders with the push of a button on your computer or phone. A threat monitoring system is an essential asset to any facility from businesses, to schools, to places of worship. Contact Hedge Tactical Solutions today to take charge of your security.