Why Proper Use of Force Training and Certification is Important for Security Teams

Security Tactical TrainingYou’ve made the move of having a security team put in place at your workplace or school. That’s a positive first step, but it’s not the only one you should take. It’s important to have those team members trained to the highest level possible.


At Hedge Tactical Solutions, we know not every company with a security staff recognizes this, and that is why we’ve written a post on the topic. We want people to realize that security tactical training is vital and beneficial for the safety of everyone concerned.


Proper training and certification are important for several reasons. The first is that with the right training, your security officers will be able to do their jobs effectively. That means keeping people safe, and that’s the bottom line with which we are all concerned.


An officer with proper use of security tactical training knows how to subdue and restrain someone who poses a security threat without resorting to excessive force. This minimizes the risk of injury to both parties and limits legal liability for the officer. It also covers your company from a legal standpoint too, as you have taken the step to provide proper training.


Since the legal protections that apply to police officers in the discharge of their duties are different than the ones that cover security guards, making sure your team has the right training provides peace of mind for them and you.